We are excited to welcome advisors (faculty and/or staff) from each visiting delegation. Advisors and coaches add great value to the case competition process by not only sacrificing their personal time to travel with the team but also for all of the coaching and support they provide each delegation. To avoid any confusion, we want to reiterate key rules and procedures that must be followed by advisors and coaches while at the Marshall International Case Competition.

  • Advisors cannot have any contact with their teams once the case is distributed during the competition preparation day (Thursday February 20th). Any needs that student team members have (i.e., meals, snacks, etc.) should be handled by their USC student host.

  • Advisors cannot make comments or faces during ANY presentation.

  • No coaching can be given to teams after first-round presentations. Advisors may debrief with their teams only if they do not advance to the final round. Advisors whose teams do advance to final rounds may NOT consult with any of their students prior to their final round presentations.

  • Advisors may not speak/consult with judges during any presentation and may not attend any judges’ briefing sessions.

  • Advisors should alert event coordinators of any unorthodox practice by any participant – their role is not to enforce rules directly.