Organizing Committee

Our organizing committee has worked hard to recruit members, promote the competition, and coordinate the logistics and activities that will be held for the duration of the Marshall International Case Competition. The committee is excited for all the teams to convene in Los Angeles, and they are looking forward to a great competition.


The Marshall International Case Competition (MICC) brings together students from premier business schools across the globe and engages them in a week of exploration, camaraderie, and competition. Event coordinators rely on Marshall student ambassadors – MICC hosts – to ensure the MICC’s overall success. Responsibilities include selecting universities that will participate in the event, assisting with event logistics, attending pre- and post-competition activities, guiding teams to appropriate locations at the appropriate times, and providing teams with material supplies and moral support, as needed. Our MICC hosts look forward to welcoming you to USC and Los Angeles. May the best team win!